Who Are The Best 5 Soccer Tipster Providers In The World?

If you are a soccer punter and want to get the best value for your wagers, you should seek tipster prediction today. Following expert tipster’s predictions help you win consistently and generate profits every month. You will come across many soccer tipsters and choosing the right one can be a tough task.


Below are some of the top-notch soccer Tipster Providers In The World

• bookietipsters.com
• soccertipsters.net
• verifiedsoccertips.com
• tipstersguide.com
• footballtipster.net


So how do you choose the best soccer tipster in the world? The following guide should help you in this regard.

1. Specialization

The best tipsters will be specialized in a specific country and soccer league. It is the league where their expertise lies with. Avoid someone who is making tipster prediction today for different leagues in different countries. It is recommended to choose a professional who specializes in a single country. This will mean that they have in-depth knowledge of the different tiers of domestic leagues in the country.

2. Consider Your Betting Behavior

Every soccer punter is going to have their own betting preferences. This is related to the above-mentioned point. You will have your own interests with regard to a league and type of bets. So you should look for tipsters who match those preferences. If you prefer to bet on a European league and you are in Australia, you will want to choose a tipster that can make predictions on time for you to read.

You should also take into account your betting style and the recommended stake plan and bank size from the soccer bettor.

  • Some tipsters may suggest using a flat staking plan
  • Some others may suggest using other money management options

You should choose to bet using tipster prediction today based on the money management plan that works best for you. It is important to choose the right method to protect your money during losing streaks.

3. Choose Verified Tipsters

Next, you should choose an expert who providing tipster prediction today based on their verification by independent sources.

  • Check websites that lists tipsters and verify their predictions
  • This means that the odds are verified for their genuineness
  • Ensuring that those are not published tips for events that have already taken place
  • You are able to analyze the historical results and ensure that you are selecting the right expert



4. Check Tipster Performance Statistics

There are many performance stats related to a tipster that can help you choose the right expert for your tipster prediction today:

i. ROI%

If a tipster makes £200 on a bet of £100, their ROI is 100%. On the other hand, if a tipster makes £200 on a bet of £500, their ROI% is going to be much less. The first tipster has a higher ROI. The second tipster will require you to spend more to generate higher profits.

  • It is recommended to choose a tipster prediction today based on the expert with the higher ROI
  • Higher ROI translates into higher value for your stake

While there are many factors to consider, there is one that should be given the most importance – ROI%. It is considered as the most important factor in sports betting when evaluating the success rate of someone who specializes in making predictions. You should not expect massive ROI% figures for any tipster. This is because the odds provided and margins in soccer betting are mostly low.

ii. Profit & Loss

Next, you should check the profit and loss stats related to the tipster’s tipster prediction today.

  • Consider the profit/loss statistics over a long period
  • All professional tipsters who seek to offer their predictions will be eager to provide details of heir profit and loss records
  • Tipsters are usually ranked by these statistics

iii. Strike Rate

Strike rate refers to the percentage of selections by the expert that generate winning bets. This includes each-way bets and winners that generate returns. It is important to go beyond the strike rate figures and check the odds and bet types recommended against them.

iv. Bets Per Month

Next, you should consider the average selections that the expert makes per month. This consideration should be made based on the type of punter you are. For example, if you want to place multiple bets during a day, you should choose a bettor who can provide such a service.

v. Detailed Explanation

Also check the information provided by the tipsters to backup their tipster prediction for today. Again, this factor is going to vary based on the type of punter you are. Some punters can do with a little information while others require more detailed explanation and analysis.




When evaluating the stats, you should analyze the figures critically. No professional can have zero losses. This is impossible in soccer betting or any other sports.

5. Tipster’s Price

While a tipster’s price is a secondary factor compared to the quality of tipster prediction today offered, if you have a limited bankroll, you should take this factor into account.

  • Consider tipsters that you can afford to purchase from
  • If buying from a tipster means having to spend half your bankroll, you should look for another option

If you choose an expensive tipster, it may mean that you have to make use of leverage. It can also mean having to live with smaller profits.

6. Avoid Tipsters on Social Media Sites

Professional tipsters share their predictions on soccer betting platforms. If you come across someone giving tips and making tipster prediction today on social media sites, trace them back to their official platforms. In other words, you should always choose tipsters who make their predictions on an official betting site. Social media presence is secondary and should not be given priority.

So make sure to consider all these factors when choosing the best soccer tipsters. Look for an expert that has years of betting data to back their claim as an experienced tipster. As mentioned several times above, the professional and their prediction style should match your interests and preferences as a soccer bettor. This is an important consideration for succeeding as a punter who is pursuing tipster prediction today.


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