What Strategy To Adopt For Placing Bets In Premier League?

Premier league betting tips are available individually for matches that are being currently played for this season. Generally these tips and predictions are given out around a day before or even an hour or so before the actual commencement of the match. Hence, punters are able to scout around for the best odds and place bets based on the predictions that they receive. However, these predictions are indicative in nature and do not guarantee a sure win. Thus, a punter needs to do his homework properly so that he is able to corroborate the premier league betting tips with his conclusions and analysis of the data available with him.

With Premier League being one of the most popular, challenging and highly anticipated football events across the world, it creates quite a buzz in the football betting field. This is the league wherein the strongest teams and clubs of the United Kingdom fight for supremacy and the weakest teams get a chance to play the champions and result in surprise upsets; something which commands quite a lot of money in football betting. Thus, punters look minutely and closely at the premier league betting tips and odds that are set whenever teams, which are considered underdogs, play a match against a stronger team.

It is also the final results which are looked forward to with a lot of anticipation since the teams occupying the top 4 positions directly qualify for the UEFA Champions League. Thus betting on the final winner is a long drawn bet which carries much more risks than the other bets since the chances of the premier league betting tips working out to satisfaction is dependent on the results of several matches in the interim.

Thus, 20 teams participate in this tournament and the Premier League’s popularity is the result of its propensity of amazing viewers and punters alike with unexpected results, surprise wins, fierce competition but with superlative football being played. With this league creating such football legends like David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo etc., coming up with premier league betting tips that are accurate and precise can be quite challenging and needs to be done after:



  • Important statistics related to an upcoming match is minutely analyzed,
  • Head to head results in previous matches played between the teams competing in the upcoming matches are looked into to understand the
    • Strategies adopted and
    • The psychological impact a match between these teams has on the players.
  • Any immediate previous events which have taken place in the form of
    • News scoops, scandals etc., which have an impact on a player’s psyche,
    • Injuries and comebacks which have either caused good players to lay off the game or re-enter after a hiatus,
    • Changes in strategies, team members, coach, administration etc., which might need adjustment by the players etc.
  • Venue of the match wherein teams playing on home ground always have an advantage over the other,
  • Weather conditions which might have an impact on the smooth flow of the game etc.

With many matches being played in many different places, premier league betting tips need to be corroborated with additional individual research by the punters so that the level of accuracy can be increased and the risk level reduced.


 Predictions for the current season

With the current season of the Premier league underway, there were several predictions made at its commencement. Some of the important predictions that were made are:

  • Teams having a shot at winning the coveted title: Common names such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Wolves, and Everton are being touted to win the top 6 slots of the table.


  • Teams likely to face relegation: While it is quite difficult to make a guess at naming the teams that are likely to be relegated, popular premier league betting tips that are available on the internet state the following possibilities:
    • Newcastle, a much gloried club once, but expected to be relegated for its performance in this season,
    • Sheffield United might just lack the style and finesse required to stop the team from being relegated,
    • Burnley is also likely to struggle to keep away from being relegated,
    • Norwich City is another name which is being associated with relegation.


  • Players to watch-out for: Most of the teams competing in the English Premier League boast of world-class players. A few who are worth a mention by the tipsters in their premier league betting tips and are slated to do really well by giving punters value for money are:
    • Alex Iwobi, Moise Kean, Richarlison of Everton,
    • Harry Maguire, Sergio Aguero del Castillo, Aaron Wan-Bissaka from Manchester City,
    • Nicolas Pepe and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Arsenal,
    • Youri Tielemans from Leicester,
    • Tammy Abraham of Chelsea


Standings of the table in Premier League as of today

With many matches already having been played, the scores as they stand today are:

  • The top 4 positions are occupied by the predicted teams of Liverpool, Manchester City, Leicester and Chelsea. While there is nothing unpredictable about these teams, it is the 5th and the 6th position which need a special mention here. Arsenal, as of now, is occupying the 5th position and Crystal Palace the 6th. This position is after each team has already played 10 matches each.


  • Liverpool has not lost a single match as yet. However, the Liverpool-Manchester United match resulted in a draw.


  • Watford, Norwich City and Southampton occupy the last three places in the points table as of now.


  • The premier league betting tips had suggested the emergence of Everton which has only managed to win 3 of the 10 matches they have played so far.


  • Top goal scorers so far in this league have been Tammy Abraham of Chelsea, Sergio Aguero Del Castillo of Manchester City, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang of Arsenal, Jamie Vardy of Leicester etc.

While the top teams have been pretty much the same as predicted in the premier league betting tips provided, the relegated teams have thrown up surprises along with the top goal scorers and players to watch out for. But then that is the essence of the Premier League and punters proficient in Premier League football betting know that unexpectedness is the essence of this league.


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