How To Making Attain Big Wins In Premier League Football?

The English Premier League or EPL as it is commonly known is the topmost football tournament of UK. With all the top-level football clubs participating for their moment of glory, this Premier League is also one of the coveted events for football betting. This league is not only compelling, it is also highly competitive with world-class players fighting for attaining supremacy. Consequently, all aspects of a game associated with Premier League opens up opportunities for betting and has spawned a whole new set of tipsters who only deal with football league betting tips.

It has been generally seen that betting tips and predictions as provided by tipsters are made after thorough calculations and data analysis depending on:

  • Total number of wins in home and away matches played so far,
  • The odds rating associated with a team which shows whether bets placed on them have the potential to get converted into a value bet,
  • Individual team statistics, strategies and Premier League trends as visible from the matches already played etc.

In fact from the tips available, it is also possible to gauge the authenticity of the tipsters since the successful and experienced tipsters providing football league betting tips also provide the following data along with their tips:

  • All predictions made in the current EPL season and their rate of success so that punters are able to judge the consistency of the tipsters,
  • The statistical, historical and psychological data that is associated with that particular prediction so as to enable the punter to corroborate the same with data available with him and
  • The tipster’s profitability to explain the ROI associated with them.



Premier League predictions

With 20 teams participating in the EPL in the year 2019, this season looks challenging as well as rewarding provided the punters are able to capitalise on the football league betting tips available. With Manchester United having scored the maximum number of wins, bookmakers, punters and tipsters alike are looking forward to seeing if this season is set to see a predicted win or a surprise one, given Manchester United’s performance this season so far. Its conflict with Liverpool is out there for all bettors to capitalise on. Matched head to head with the likes of Daniel James, Scott McTominay, Harry Maguire etc., on one side and Trent Alexander-Arnold, Sadio Mane etc., on the other, any match between Manchester United and Liverpool creates a lot of anticipation and adrenaline rush both for viewers as well as for bookies, punters and tipsters who look forward to seeing the performance of their football league betting tips.

Some important predictions and tips related to the Barclays Premier League which is currently underway are given below:

  • It is clear that Manchester United would look towards gaining the title yet another time. In fact it has become mandatory for them to prove their supremacy especially after Pep Guardiola.
  • Liverpool, on the other hand, would be looking towards gaining the 1 point loss they suffered at the points table last season and finally win the elusive title of being the Premier League Champions. In fact most football league betting tips for this season predict Liverpool as the favourites to win the title.
  • Tottenham is aiming to better their standings at the Premier League table and also defeat their arch rivals Arsenal by attaining a higher position in the same.
  • Chelsea has a young side and this combined with the expertise and experience of football legend Frank Lampard will have a lot of punters rooting for them and tipsters mentioning them in their football league betting tips.
  • Of course the underdogs or those teams which have been recently promoted to participate in the Premier League like Norwich, Aston Villa and Sheffield United have nothing to lose and hence will be giving their best shot. This again ensures that there will be a lot of money riding on them in the field of football betting and punters will definitely be looking for football league betting tips along with the statistics for the same.

While every match will be action packed, some will have a predicted finish while others might cause a lot of upsets. However, bookmakers and punters around the world eagerly wait for the start of the Premier League and hence this year too there is a lot of excitement among them. Twists and turns in the game of football are quite common but this year they are highly anticipated.




Some betting statistics

Over the years since its inception the Premier League has been showing trends and statistics some of which have been consistent while others have come and gone. A look at the statistics for the Premier League throws up the following results:

  • Returns for bets placed on home wins based on the football league betting tips available for a scheduled match have always been better.
  • Favourites have also consistently proved to be ones which give good returns on bets placed.
  • For betting on correct scores, the bias has always been towards away favourite score draws.
  • Level stakes on Home teams show incredibly higher figures while those for away teams show greater variety,
  • Punters blindly backing favourites have had a good run with those blindly backing underdogs faring quite badly. Statistics related to this aptly prove that it is always better to opt for football league betting tips from tipsters and never ever bet blindly leaving everything on chance.
  • Instances of a match resulting in a draw have been higher when both the teams were more or less evenly matched.
  • This year 12 home teams and 7 away teams are slated to bring positive returns on bets placed on them.

With such a huge amount of statistics available for the Premier League on the internet and also with Bookmakers and tipsters, ensuring the accuracy of football league betting tips that are given out is actually very easy. Tipsters and punters who perform their own analysis are able to easily slot all the bets that have been placed and find a pattern in the same. Of course there is no guarantee that the tips and predictions would work for this season but the fact that football betting is a high risk game is what makes it so interesting and exciting.

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