How to make big wins at the weekend football matches?

With many more punters joining in betting in football over the weekends, it has become imperative for them to obtain good saturday football betting tips. However, not many still know how to utilize the tips and win big on weekends. With football being one of the most popular online betting sports, there are millions of money which gets won and lost every weekend. In order to ensure that weekends usually result in an impressive win, punters need to find a good strategy and stop depending on luck.

Luck might make a punter win once or even twice but having luck as a strategy always fails in long-term betting which demands a very high precision of decision-making and accurate saturday football betting tips. But more often than not there are fraudulent websites which come up with so called winning strategies turn out to be either a scam or they tend to put across untried and unproven strategies which again result in a loss for the punter.

Thus it is very important for the punter to try out certain tried, tested and proven strategies so that they are at least able to eventually start making money. Two very important points which every punter opting for saturday football betting tips from tipsters need to keep in mind are:

  • Every strategy needs time to start giving rewards and
  • A strategy which might seem successful for a punter might not work for another.




Hence every punter has to forge his own path where football match betting strategies are concerned. A punter needs to play smart for the whole system of football betting has been so designed that it world in the favor of bookies who control everything from setting the odds to transferring the winnings to the punters and everything in-between. What they are unable to control is the need to attain more customers or punters as is the case with online betting. This need creates opportunities in the form of freebies and promotions, which when coupled with good saturday football betting tips, ensures better success rate for the punters.  Some of the ones which are very common and which have the distinction of having a much better success rate are:

  • Accumulator bets: These are very common in online football betting but few actually know how to take advantage of the same. These bets are usually a collection of many single bets coupled under one umbrella. Herein a punter can either bet on a team or a collection of teams to increase his winnings manifold. The odds that come individually along with the selections, gets multiplied thereby ensuring the elusive pot of gold every punter looks for. However, with betting being a bookmaker’s game, most selections made by the punters on the basis of the saturday football betting tips that they receive for accumulator bets from tipsters, comes with a margin which eventually favors the bookmakers. This is why bookies encourage punters to opt for accumulator bets and even offer several different types of incentives and promotions for the same like free bets, refund on stakes etc.
  • Matched betting: This is another aspect of football betting that has the potential be become a very fruitful betting strategy provided the punter knows which saturday football betting tips to consider. The simplicity of this form of betting which makes it one of the easiest strategies to adopt which provides for wins, albeit on a smaller note. In order for the punter to opt for matched betting, the punter needs to get hold of the free bets that are offered by bookies. This strategy involves placing a wager for a certain outcome as enumerated by the bookies and then laying it off in a betting exchange. There are usually two phases involved in the same. They are:
    • First phase which involves the placement of the qualifying bet and
    • The second phase wherein a punter uses the free bets obtained from the bookies.

Thus the better the odds and the precise the saturday football betting tips obtained, the better are the chances of a punter earning huge profits. Of course all the terms and conditions associated with the promotions provided by the bookies needs to be carefully checked before opting for the same.

  • Price boosts: This is a very interesting phenomenon wherein price boosts are offered by bookies involved in online football betting. To make it simpler to understand, bookies offer enhanced odds from time to time on certain special markets. The punter needs to keep a track of the same and capitalize on it when they are given. With the enhanced odds already providing punter with an initial advantage and the tipsters ensuring winning saturday football betting tips, all the punter needs to do to win big is either:
    • To lay the same outcome or
    • Place an opposite outcome bet with another bookie.




Price boosts, however, offer assured winning in almost all scenarios and is considered to be the bet with almost no risks attached.

  • Refund offers: Refunds are offered by bookies in some instances wherein if the match ends in a draw, the punters get their wager back. This system is quite popular in Asian handicap football where there is no concept of a draw and when and if that happens, punters get back the money that they bet provided the bet is placed on a correct score. Here also there are two steps involved which the punter has to undertake once he is in receipt of the saturday football betting tips from tipsters. They are:
    • To find that correct score option which is different from 0:0 such that the lay and bookies odds do not have much difference and
    • Place the promotion qualifying bet at the bookies while at the same time lay the same option at the betting exchange.
  • Being careful: In spite of being in possession of great saturday football betting tips most punters have a habit of rushing headlong into football betting. But in order for a punter to be successful in the football betting arena, he has to be:
    • Careful,
    • Patient and
    • Never be greedy,

In fact it would not be wrong to say that effectiveness of the applied betting strategies become better as a punter gains more experience and attains greater expertise in the selection of appropriate betting tips.

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