How To Get Confirmed Soccer Betting Predictions?

You may be a great soccer fan. You may have followed each and every match of your favorite teams. All the knowledge doesn’t mean much when it comes to making confirmed soccer prediction in betting. Soccer betting expertise requires a different kind of experience compared to simply watching and enjoy the sport. Soccer is much more unpredictable compared to other sports. And the best team doesn’t always win here. Tons of data, information, and factors need to be evaluated in order to make accurate predictions when betting.

So how do you get confirmed soccer prediction if you want to make profits from betting? Consider the following points.


1. Bet on the Right Upcoming Matches

The first step to come up with confirmed soccer prediction is to find the right soccer league to bet in. It should be a league that you closely follow and know a lot more about compared to other leagues. Some of the examples include:

Or any of the second or third-tier league in a domestic soccer system. Once you have chosen the best league to bet on, you should shortlist the 5 soccer matches for the week or fixed period of time. This should usually involve the top clubs on the table. The next task should be to collect all the statistics related to each soccer team involved.




2. Do Your Research

Conduct online research to gather all the stats related to these teams. Interestingly, all the information is readily available online. Consider the following example of Team A and Team B:

  • Team A has won all the last 5 matches it played on its home turf
  • Team A scored 1.8% goals against Team B at home
  • Team A has won 7 out of 10 matches played against Team B
  • Team A ranks higher in the league table with 30 points, while Team B has 20 points

All these points mean that you can have a confirmed soccer prediction if you bet on Team A to win against Team B.

It is also important to seek the best soccer betting odds to generate high payouts. Check the odds provided by the different bookies and look for the ones that seem to be perfect for your goals.


3. Evaluate Home/Away Performances

Next, you should check the overall average 6 game home and away trends of each team to evaluate their home/away performance.

  • Group each club once they have played 6 matches and record the results to determine correct betting tips
  • Look for trends such as a team’s performance improving or deteriorating
  • You can see the ideal selections for each scenario to learn about the performance changes against league average
  • This information can be used to make adjustments to your betting patterns and tips without the need for considering team rankings on the league table

If you cannot do this research and analysis on your own with as much effectiveness, you should get the help of experienced tipsters in making confirmed soccer prediction. Such experts can provide you with a simple way to exploring more details into the trends of changing performance of teams.


4. Take Alternative Factors Into Account

You can rely on statistics to create your own probabilities of different events in soccer. It is also possible to use this method to make accurate predictions of outcomes during a season. The challenge you are going to come across is to find value on a consistent basis. This is because statistics-based strategies are usually not advanced enough to evaluate each fixture with high level of precision.

In other words, it can be difficult to generate profits in the long-term using this strategy. If you want to make confirmed soccer prediction, it is also important to take into account many other important factors. This includes the following factors:

  • First 11 players in each team
  • Changes in squad
  • Coaches/managers & their philosophy
  • Player suspensions & injuries
  • Club’s financial condition
  • Changes to player salaries
  • Promotions/relegations
  • Psychological factors such as pressure, poor press image, and scandals
  • Transfers
  • Distance traveled & fatigue
  • Weather condition

There are even more factors that are going to have an impact on the odds. You should consider as many key factors as possible to come up with accurate odds and confirmed soccer prediction. Interestingly, many of these factors are difficult to quantify.




5. Additional Factors

It is also recommended to follow additional related to prediction to become more accurate.

  • Track Cup Matches: There are clubs that perform very well in league matches, but tend to lose to smaller sides in cup matches. This is often because the smaller teams take cup matches too seriously and may be much more motivated than their bigger counterparts. The bigger teams may also use their second line of players in such matches because they are not as important for them.


  • Track Underdogs: You should also keep an eye on the underdogs when making confirmed soccer prediction. There are often teams down the league table that are focused on tarnishing the reputation of the bigger teams. They may perform poorly when competing against smaller teams but deliver a surprising performance in a face-off with a big team. It is important to identify these underdogs and their ‘favorite targeted’ teams.


  • Consider Head-to-Head & Current Form Stats: Usually, punters will consider head-to-head records between competing teams separately from current form. When making confirmed soccer prediction, it is recommended to consider both these factors together. Without concern the number of times a side has won against the other side in past meetings, their current form can make a huge difference in an upcoming match.

So make sure to follow all these points in making confirmed soccer prediction for an upcoming match. It can take a lot of time and effort in doing the research. It is also recommended to get the help of experienced tipsters in finding accurate tips and predictions that help you win on a consistent basis.


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