How Do Head-to-Head Records Affect Soccer Predictions?

When making soccer predictions, it is important to rely on credible data. A reputable soccer prediction site has professional tipsters who take many factors into account to make accurate predictions. So every time you look forward to an upcoming football match and want to bet on it, you should take key factors into account. One of the most important of them is head-to-head record.


Importance of Head-to-Head Record

Head-to-head record is an important factor in many scenarios. It is of much significance when both the teams are rivals or one team has extreme record against a specific team. If a specific football team has performed consistently well or poorly against a specific team, evaluating past head-to-head records can go a long way in helping you make the right predictions.

  • Many times there are good reasons to explain why one side keeps performing well against a specific opponent
  • Sometimes, it is hard to find any logical reason

These reasons make it important to rely on the tips of expert tipsters on a reputed soccer prediction site. Your betting decisions should be based only on compelling statistics.




Evaluate Competitive Balance

It will help to learn how competitive balance works between two teams when evaluating head-to-head records. Take for example the English Premier League (EPL), its clubs, and games.

  • The impact of competitive balance in the league’s matches on average number of goals scored is quite profound
  • A more unbalanced contest translates into lower chances of one team emerging as a winner
  • Relegation teams have just around 5% chance of becoming the title contender and winning
  • The average for such games in EPL is over 3.5 goals a game in the last 10 seasons
  • More than 65% of these matches have resulted in 3 or more goals
  • If both the teams are close in their skills and quality, the average goals per game comes down (approximately 2.5 goals, with only 45% of the games having 3 or more goals)

When the competitive balance gets closer, this average of goals drops at a steady rate. The same has been recorded in the advanced rounds of het FA Cup.


Relying on Hard Data

A reputed soccer prediction site depends on statistical data, calculations, and evaluations made by its team of expert tipsters before making predictions. There are many reasons why you should rely on such data-based and experienced-based predictions when betting on soccer with your hard-earned money.

If you use actual data to make predictions, you will find the data to be noisy. So it is best to rely on expert predictions based on huge set of data. As a bettor, it is important to understand that outcomes like the number of goals scored in a match are based on many factors. But all the data sets and evidence from all the mismatched games from major leagues show that competitive balance is an important factor that cannot be ignored. As a bettor, you should take this factor seriously especially when betting on over/under goals bets.


Team Playing Styles

Individual teams can have more consistent playing styles. For example, a team may be too defensive during a specific phase of a game. When two opposite sides with same traits meet, they are highly likely to lower the match score.

The conditions under which a match is played can also have an impact on the chances of goals being scored. It is a well established point that competitive balance is a crucial factor for the number of goals scored in a match.

  • Early group matches at most big competitions seem to be too cautious. This is the case without concern for the competitive balance.
  • Final matches or the ones being played towards the end of a season have relatively higher average scoring
  • Local derbies have each team getting high level of support and are thus more closely fought
  • Local derbies have very closely contested games
  • But the average number of goals scored is fewer, not matter the difference in the quality and skills of both the sides




When it comes to earlier kick off times, the results can be the opposite. The games may lack urgency. Players on both sides can be playing during a phase when they are not in their top physical forms. At the same time the supporters may also not be as much enthusiastic about the games.

Expert tipsters on a soccer prediction site conduct all kinds of evaluations to determine how important these additional factors are – when a match is a derby and when a match starts in the day. It is also seen that when the quality of each side is taken into account, both the rivalry and kick off times seem to result in unexpected goal totals.


Choose a Trusted Soccer Predictions Site

So betting on soccer based on competitive balance is a complex strategy. Make sure to choose the right soccer prediction site. Some of the key traits of such a platform are as follows:

  • Should have verified soccer tipsters
  • Total profits made by each tipster should be listed
  • Total wins recorded by each tipster should be listed
  • Hit rate should be listed. This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a tipster
  • The total number of tips provided by each tipster should also be listed

So make sure to take head-to-head records and competitive balance into account when making predictions on upcoming matches. At the same time,  you should also take into account the influence of other factors, including the following:

  • Current form
  • Psychology and motivation
  • Team quality
  • Injuries, suspensions or disputes
  • Team schedules
  • Weather conditions
  • Home/away records
  • Team discipline
  • Playing styles

In fact, there are even more factors that can impact a match’s outcome or its score. Evaluating all such factors can be a complex task for an individual. So it is best to rely on the expertise of professional tipsters on a soccer prediction site.

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